Friday, 14 May 2010

After Effects Tutorial Session 2

Today, we were presented to numerous possibilities again to work with after effects, allowing to take our animation 1 level higher, but also to cut in some time. For the exercise part of the session, we were asked to take on our animatic and actually play around with the camera or with the objects.

I decided to do the 1 scene of my animation where the alien spores firstly contact the soil ready to fertilize and spread.

Being new to after effects, I decided to take time exploring the different features, effects, etc.
I can affirmatively say that when I gain more experience with the program, I will create animatics with it, as it allows a more fliud and accurate sense of the animation itself.

Here is the actual Storyboard animatic for a comparison.

The addition of more frames really pays it justice and allows a better understanding of time. :)


tutorphil said...

About the first scene - for true sci-finess, start the scene looking up into space, so that the spores come from above and then have the camera track them until they land, with the focus on one in particular...

Ruben Alexandre said...

ok phil, Shall I add the sequence I add before. where he follows the spore?

I am doing the previz, and some Maya tutorials to get a good understanding how to model things, also I will go to uni all week to do stuff there, If is a computer available so if I get stuck in Maya can always ask Alan.

tutorphil said...

Not sure I was too clear with my first comment... in your current animatic, you establish the forest first, and then we see the spores land - this is good; so, you start with just the sound effects (no music) of the nighttime forest - the camera moves across the grass, then pans up to look up into the night sky; then, music starts as 'something' appears out of the darkness and falls to earth... this is already what you have, but I'm just suggesting that you need to show the sky more before the introduction of the falling spores - with the camera then tracking the spore back to the ground... (I'm probably telling you stuff you're already aware of - sorry!).

Ruben Alexandre said...

I understood it, I am doing that scene in my Previz now and it is as you say, moves across and then pans up to show the spores coming (like meteors , or alien spaceships) and then the camera follows to the ground.