Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Unit 6- Research into Camera Angles

As I am going for a science-fiction approach of the mushroom cycles, I decided to look for unusual camera angles that will create a more dynamic view of the cycle. in the idea to appeal the audience. For this purpose , I decided to look to famous films or others in which this cameras are implemented.


I chose particurlarly this scene from this film, because it exactly shows the camera I want to use to demonstrate the spore being released. this peculiar camera is used in flight scenes. it follows the plane,which already applies the dynnamism necessary to the scene, because it makes the audience feel the same movement. The main difference between the camera I want to use and this one is, while the plane is a controllable veichle, the spore will travel more freely, and the camera will follow it with slight less delay just to keep track of the object. what will happen is the object often will almost dissappear the frame, but immediately return.
It can be perceived as the view of a spaceship chasing the spore.

Looking at 2012, and its destruction scenes, I found another camera angle that really appealled to me. In this camera, the movement goes towards of what is happening, interlacing with the environment around it.
In this case, a volcano is erupting. a really dynamic and effective camera.


This type of camera can be seen in a more superficial way, in the trailer for Jaws.
Where the camera submerges the ocean.

The Abyss

In this film is a scene, that particular strikes me, it is the first encounter with the Alien creature, despite being already appealing with the use of the glowing effects, the actual camera floats with the character and the create displying all this beautiful and colourful places.
For my project, this camera can be helpful when exploring the gills of the mushroom, showing the environment in which the spores reproduce, it will also allow to move the camera zoom towards a specific basidia, and show the process of meiosis occuring inside it.

Kathedral by Tomasz Baginsky

This short film produced by Tomasz Baginsky has a particular shot that I love and im planning to use something similar, in my animation. When the Cathedral builds from a simple priest towards the infinite sky, although the process would take ages and be demonstrated in a quite boring way, the camera position and its movement gives the dynamism to create a beautiful scene. The purpose in this camera angle is to show how extraordinary a growth of the fungi and its fruit body can be. For that effect, I will use a delayed camera following the process and maybe surrounding the stem as well.


To better understand the scale of the camera, I decided to show and already use of the same scale of similar. This can be seen in Avatar, with the difference beween Na'vi tribe and the Hometree, where this immense nature growth is the essential and 1st perceived thing in the whole film.

The idea of grandeur on all of the landscapes is what I'm trying to achieve with the use of down to up camera angle, when depicting the mushroom fruit-body.

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