Saturday, 8 May 2010

Unit 6- Music Choice

For my animation, I want to integrate a tune, which allow the animation to have a epic feel in it. Where it will help and emphasize the actions of the process. It also will help me to create a certain rhythm to my animation.
Although, I have some soundtracks in mind, I'm being a bit fussy to actually choose them.
As I'm going to create, this animation in a really cinematic level, The soundtrack has to add the epic feel to it, if not it will serve as only a background music, instead of actually influence it.

One of my immediate opinions in music is a the soundtrack of the Cathedral the short film by Tomek Baginsky, Although some part I have to exclude, others by the means of editing would work quite well.

Other would be the one of the soundtracks for the remake of the film, The Day Earth Stood Still, I just found this soundtrack, I really like the submersible quality inside the song leading to a climax, this would match quite well with the formation with the mycelium creating a hyphal knot and then gowing into the fruit body.

Other would be the soundtrack of the film, Independence Day, I only liked this one because it has a epic feeling behind it.

Finally, the soundtrack from the film Kingdom of Heaven, once again a really epic feel behind it , but also the use of a variety of instruments, that create high pitches in the middle of the song really appeals to me. Some sort of irregular tune.

What a dilemma, if anybody knows any soundtrack which gives this epic/ sci-fi feel, could give some ideas. Thanks.

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