Sunday, 9 May 2010

Unit 6- Narrative Minimal Alterations

Yesterday, I sat down and revisited my idea, and I can say I wasn't fully happy with it, because to me although it add the epic feeling, it was becoming bland, so I decided to associate the dispersion and growth of the Fungi to a sci- fi type of attack, e.g the spores can resemble meteors, the mycelium growth to some alien structure. This is only possible, due to the difference of scale between the environment and the camera.

Also I did a really rough script/ plan of my animation,which allow me to understand it structure as well as plan the shots I'm pretending to use.

The animation will start:

(Establishing Shot) Forest and Mushroom in habitat.
(Camera dives and zooms) medium shot of the mushroom. (similar perspective of my concept art).
The spores appear coming from the mushroom towards the camera. The camera turns and focus on 1 spore and follows it delayed.
When the spore hits the ground, the following camera enters the soil and arrives to the place where the spores will germinate.
The spores germinate and form hyphae, This hyphaes will fuse ( in this case clash, to create emphasized action) and form the mycelium. This formation will be shown, by the camera firstly being static and the mycelium in a menacing way advances towards the camera, then it slightly turns focusing of the hyphaes, and travels with it, either interlacing with the mycelium or on the side.
the camera stops as a middle distance to show the magnificent formation of the hyphal knot. When fully formed and mature (done by slightly change the colour), the soil begins to tremble and is when the mushroom fruit body starts to form.
At this stage, to create a really dynamic construct, I'm aiming to when it starts to form the camera will follow around the stem of the fruit-body with a slight delay. ( quite similar to Cathedral by Tomek Baginsky).
When the fully grown , the camera will continue its travel inside the gills, in there this "sea" of basidias will be perceived.
The camera will zoom to focus on the basidias, this part can be associated to the, creation of troops, in Lord of the rings or Star wars, When focused of them it will show the process of Kariogamy and meiosis.
After the 4 appendages will be created and will alocate the 4 haploid nuclei.
This event will lead to the final part where the Spores will be released and start the process over again.
Camera perceives the spores leaving and fades to black.

So it will mean that it is a process that nobody will stop, also the emphasis on the actions, to create these rather unwelcoming landscapes.

Finally, the soundtrack is pretty much chosen, I decided to go for the Soundtrack of the film, The Day Earth Stood Still- Remake, because, it has a really soft beginning, and quite early elevates and creates this really twisted and irregular notes, which can be associated to the trip inside the Mycelium. Also it reaches a climax by the middle, in where the formation of the fruit body can match quite well.

I will just continue now my storyboard and respective animatic to better visualise the idea.

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