Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Unit 6- Research into Invasion/ Sci- Fi Scenes

After the pitch yesterday, Phil mentioned some scenes to look at, what they have in common is that they belong to the Sci-fi genre, and that is what im aiming for with my animation.

This scenes will help me to redo my storyboard animatic and better play with the story structure.

In the new animatic, I will start with the arrival of the spores, to the soil, just like the arriving of an alien species on earth, such in terminator. So is nothing better to actually look at that scene for some inspiration.

This videos can be seen Here
(Embedding Disabled by Request :/)

In my opinion, the second arrival is working better for this animation, the camera firstly pans from the side and centers on the object, just like my zooming.

Also, the idea of a critter civilization, is well shown in the film War of the Worlds, where my next film comes from, the idea of the camera following the growth, is the same I will apply to the growth of mycelium.

Pls! watch this with no sound, as it is a redubbed cheesy version :(

For the Dispersal of the grown spores, I decided to take Phil's advice and look at some scenes of the film Independence Day, more specifically, when the spaceship arrives, aiming to understand the camera structure and movement, that helped to create a superiority of the alien civilization, here is where I added another shot on my storyboard, to create this superior effect.

I just love this film, and watching this scenes just makes me watch it again!

finally, to portray the menacing behaviour of the Growth of the mycelium, I decided to look at Matrix: Revolutions, to see how the tentacles aliens are particularly shot to create full dynamism.


tutorphil said...

ahh - don't you just love this course, when your tutor says 'watch cheesy sci-fi movies for research'? :-)

Anyway, hope you're enjoying yourself, Rubes and putting together one helluva ride! :-)

Ruben Martins said...

lol, oh yeah, cheesy is the fashion of the 80's, so I cant really criticize it lol

Yes, after the tweak in the storyboard, I'm doing pre-viz of the animation and explore a bit of organic modelling, at the same time doing the tutorials, so it will help to clarify any questions.

just one thing the content tab in myuca is not working for this unit for about 2 days. Just to let you know :)