Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Unit 6- Animatic *1 and Pitch Day

I can say I was really pleased with the pitch yesterday, the commissioner Peter Klappa and Tutor Phil, as main judges/ feedbackers, it all went great apart, I was able to show all my workflow so far and receive helpful feedback.
this consisted in slightly change the story structure as it was a bit shifted and the music was breaking the flow in the end. Apart from that Peter liked my idea, of creating a sci-fi, "Alien Invasion" Blockbuster.
So with a green light by the commissioner Peter Klappa, I decided to develop the idea even further and slightly change the story structure.

So far this is the animatic that I presented for the pitch:
(Careful! if you are afraid of earthquake, fast forward to the end, thanks :P)

After the pitch, I started to remodel it, and a new one is already made, just trying to find the right soundtrack. but I can say, works better "invasion-wise" :)

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