Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Unit 6- Spores Arriving Pre-vis *4

After receiving some feedback on the previous pre-vis, I decided to take the advice and create something rather simpler and effective. Taking in consideration the arrival of an UFO to earth, I decided to isolate the arrival into a dark background, however on the animation it will have the moonlighting and the shadows from trees in a really dark environment.

I just hope, i'm getting closer to what I pretend.


tutorphil said...

MUCH BETTER!!!! SOOOOO much more effective, Rubes! It just seems about a million more times confident and controlled now: I think (!!!!!!!) you should hold on the spore a little longer before it begins to sink, for instance, but it's much more 'in genre' now - good stuff! :-)

Ruben Martins said...

Thanks phil, I guess I was just overthinking the whole scene, now into the last of the pre-viz

Richard V-C said...

Much nicer, it might be nice if the spore flows past the cam with the cam tracking it, similar to the tutorials Alan set in unit 04, this looks good though :)