Sunday, 23 May 2010

Unit 6- Cinnamon Cortinarius Renders

Yesterday, I textured the main structure of my animation the mushroom. for it I decided to go for a realistic type of texture, with a slightly dramatic approach , adding extra cavities and gills in the actual mushroom, to not only look like a mushroom, but also to resemble to an alien spaceship.

For it I painted my own texture referencing from real life photographs, create a colour map, bump and spec, also to form the gills I applied a displacement map.

Also I took a quick render of my 1 scene, although the background is quite dark, I will slightly light it up as I want full contrast between dark and white (or in this case the spore.) i want to use the negative space in my favor.

1 comment:

godwino said...

Amazing ruben! just so visually accurate! perfect.