Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Unit 6- Mycelium Pre-viz *4

After some shared thoughts, I tweaked this scene, so the camera doesnt immediately stop, also to mentioned is that this camera will follow the growth from here forward. this time, I added a small push to the camera to pan- in when the knot grows. Also changed a little bit the camera position so the knot looks huge in comparison to the camera imposing towards the spectator.


tutorphil said...


Ruben Martins said...

I know phil, you would like another approach, but I think this can flow a bit better when the following scene, although it stopped for so long in the earthquake, im planning to create more dynamism

tutorphil said...

Nope - this approach is great, because now, the bottom of the sphere stays in shot and it feels properly massive - my biggest issue was with the 'dead' camera, and now that slight push just keeps the flow... continue with confidence and panache! :-)