Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Inka Bola, 2009, Gobelins l'Ecole de l'Image Graduated Students 2009

While browsing the internet the other day I found this short animation from the famous Gobelins College in France, although a big fun of their students animation, watching most of them until now for some inspiration, I was completely unfamiliar to this one. It belongs to the 2009 Gobelins L'Ecole de l'Image students work, and it was produced by a group of students for they final year. 

Inka Bola is a short animation directed and produced by Mélody Cisinski, Jacques Jarczyk, Vincent Garcia, Floriane Marchix, Gwénolé Oul' Chen, Patrick Pujalte, a group of students already graduated from the famous college of image and animation. This short animation features a lazy Aztec guard and a cheeky little prince, who begins by throwing fruits at the guard. when he had enough the guard takes away the fruit, however a buzzard kidnaps the little one. And there it begins a funny and painful pursuit to get the baby back. Ending in a dark humorous funny way.  

What really caught my attention in this animation, was the art direction with really effective characters completed with associated olours but also the animation, where the principles of animation are applied perfectly, where it is visible a lot of squash and stretch, staging and timing, but also the way it is edited. 

A simple storytelling where the animation speaks for itself. 


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