Monday, 24 January 2011

Maya Tutorials: Character Pipeline Face Camera and Turnaround

Yesterday, I have also finished the character pipeline tutorials, which means the face camera tutorial, a really simple camera rig to add to the camera so it becomes easier to animate a character, and the turnaround, a tutorial explaining how simply create a turnaround of a character for our showreel.

Face Camera Tutorial

Turnaround Tutorial

I have also learned that you should not pose a character in a pose which will look weird, in this case he would be leaning on a box , however not being part of the model I felt a bit awkward to leave it in the turnaround, so I took it, though it still looks weird, lesson learned pose the character without using any other objects.


AFlockOfPixels said...

The pose isn't weird... it's totally obvious that he is leaning on an invisible cannibal!

lol... I was watching the turnaround right to the end, not realising it was on a loop... I must have spent several minutes looking at it!

Ruben Martins said...

lol yeh it was vimeo's fault we can put it on the loop!!