Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Maya Tutorials: Car Modeling Week 7* to 10*

here is the progress I have done on the car so far, a few weeks ago I left the car at week 6 so I continued to model, in this tutorials, I added more details to complete the car. Although, I wont finish the car for evaluation tomorrow, I will try to finish the couple of the tutorials left, 3 to be more precisely.

Week 7* & 8* 

This week, tutorial mentioned to add the bumpers on the car either the frontal and the rear one and the sides.
3/4 Front 

3/4 Back

Week 9*

With the main body basically constructed, I started to add some details onto the car according to its turnaround, the grids and lights were added on the front of the car.

3/4 Front 

Front view- Details

Week 10*

In week 10, more details were added this time onto the rear of the car. also another detail around the roof to, a small stripe which isolates the inside of the car I suppose.

3/4 back


So far the car is going all right, it is good to understand how to model in this way, as it is easier to add more detail onto a model. 
But as I said I will complete the car as soon as possible.

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