Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Transcription: Briefing

One project ended and another already began, with an official start next week, I  have already received the briefing whilst still in the narrative project.
The transcription project, as the name indicates, consists in a transcription of a body of investigation and knowledge previously published into a project that shows the aesthetics of the world demonstrated in the published work. It is asked to find an appropriate work which inspire us and that can be adapted to anything course related.
 For this purpose,  all we have learned so far in the course, from skills to knowledge and needs to be applied in order to create a sophisticated piece of animation.

Although we have to base our animation into something concrete from other artist, we are able to choose which root to go, a list of transcription methods was shown in the brief.

  • Digital Sets for Film 
  • Digital Sets for Game
  • Digital Sets for Education or Documentary
  • Character Design for Film
  • Character Design For Games 
  • Animation (Animated Short)
  • Visual Effects 
  • Medical Visualisation
  • Etc...  

Having given us a list of ways to take our transcription, we are also asked to create our own pipeline of work, from pre-production through production into the post- production, until we reach the final piece.

It is important to note that each different transcription method will ask for a different pipeline.

Since the briefing a few weeks back, I have been thinking of possible body of works which would create an enjoyable project for myself, as well as inspiring.

And so it begins another project, that iI'm ready to tackle!

Until next time...


tutorphil said...

What will Ruben choose, I wonder? Get your thoughts into images as soon as possible! I'll be watching...

Ruben Martins said...

I think I have got pretty much my idea chosen, i just really want to have a lot of ideas to go through and then choose the one I feel more inspired by.