Friday, 7 January 2011

Narrative: Laboratory Modelling

On the last couple of days I have been busy modelling the sets for our animation at B3D Studios, after getting some done, where my colleague Aflockofpixels started to animate on, I carried on creating the rest. Next on the list was the Lab where the 3 members of the cast will firstly reveal the Invisible Spaceman. So without anymore talking I present you the lab. 

Laboratory Modelled

Firstly is the model of the lab untextured, where I have added the a few props, such as the computer on the desk based on a 1st gaming console, or the tall computer based on the first tape recorders, also I've added a lamp on the top which can be used as a light source, for that purpose I have added a simple control where the lamp rotates if the camera changes.  

This picture shows the set UV mapped and ready for texturing ! :)

As well as the Lab, I have create a small scene in the beginning of the trailer where the space-station commander presses the emergency button, something really simple. Here is the set:

For this set I have created a simple cockpit and then added the button, which has a control to be pressed for animation.
 A  really simple Set to do but crucial for the few seconds it holds in the trailer.

Now onto the outdoor scenes


tutorphil said...

saw this, thought of you!

Ruben Martins said...

They are great, thank you phil,
I follow Lou Romano's blog, he truly explores almost every frame of a film !!