Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Inspirational Music *1: World Music

Last Year, I remember posting some music, which influences me or what really is in my playlist at the moment. So I intend to continue those posts,where some of my tunes in my playlist will feature, mainly my objective is to share some of the music I like or inspires me but also to sometimes divide the blog into a more leisure place and not exclusively work related. 
My aim is to use the blog, as a mirror of my own mind a personal yet work related professionally organised space, but also fun.

So explanations aside, here is the actual content of the post. 

Being a huge fan of World music, I recently found an album which fulfils my taste for music, the name of the Album is Calling All Downs by Christopher Tin, it consists in a  mix of different songs from different countries and dialects, which beautifully are mastered together into a single album. According to Christopher Tin's website, the whole concept of the album is to understand that all cultures, countries and religions complete each other in this planet, therefore the cyclical nature of the universe. With tracks ranging from French and Portuguese, to Gaelic, Maori and Swahili, among others, the album is divided by 3 stages: Day, Night and Dawn, where a loop in the album is created, as the last song finishes with the same note that the first begins, emphasising the whole cyclical concept. 
According to Tin's website, the album 'carries a strong message of unity: that regardless of race, culture and religious belief, we are all connected through our common human experience.'. 

Some people may identify one of the songs in the album as it is also the main theme for the Civilization 4 Strategy, turn-based game. since 2005. However, it gather a lot of fans worldwide, only now it is nominated for a Golden Globe. 

I have to say for a long time I was waiting for a album like this, where you can experience music from different parts of the world.

here is one of the tracks:

Christopher Tin- Baba Yetu ( Sawhili language)


Tom Beg said...

I used to play Civilization 4 back in the day just so I could listen to that song. Classic!

Ruben Martins said...

haha, I still do, not for the song now though... it is a really good song!

Lev said...

Nice song Baba Yetu. Tom got me to listen to it and I've been hooked since :)