Monday, 3 January 2011

Narrative: Space-station Interior Modelling

After getting the desk ready, so my colleagues can start animate on the set, I commenced to model another environment- the Space-station Interior- based fully on a concept art I have done previously, it prove enjoyable to get back to modelling environment however time consuming when laying out the UVS to apply textures. As you may see the model looks very similar to the concept art, where I have also added the interior of the dorms, or at least the wall you can see.

The Initial Concept Art

Untextured Modelled

 UV mapped

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post this scene can now be animated, but also textured, leaving us only the rendering to do. A backdrop will also be added on the set as the back of the corridor can be seen.

For another scene in the Space-station, i had to create an alarm, which will alert the people in the Space-station. I have added a couple of the models already on the Space-Station Interior, however I created a whole new scene where you can possibly render without all the extra geometry of this scene.

Alarm Model with cap

Alarm Model without cap

Alarm model UV mapped

For this alarm, based on the 1950's police sirens, I have also added a control which will be easier to animate, where the overall inside will rotate in one axis, by merely having an attribute on the mesh group controlling it. 

Now onto the other environments! 

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