Friday, 12 November 2010

A not so vulgar night out!- Linkin Park Concert

Yesterday, for my birthday present on the 14th of November given by my girlfriend Ivana, I went to the Linkin Park Concert at the O2 Arena. And I have to say it was an unforgettable experience, being standing at the front, 3 rows away from the stage, I could see everything clearly.

As mentioned before the performance was amazing, singing either new hits from the new album and older songs. it led the public to complete madness, supporting the band all the way through the concert.
The audience was so crazy, that they threw themselves back a forward in euphoria.

But I have to say every second was worth it, and i will do it all over again!


Jackie said...

Glad you made it out in one piece! :)

Ruben Alexandre said...

thanks! jackie

Firstly, it was ok but people just start to get crazy and pack you like a sardine, after some time you become even more squeezed like an anchovie! :)

but all worth it!