Thursday, 4 November 2010

Unit 2.02- Character Design: Face Developments

Although, having done some research for this project, i have put it stupidly on the back burner, however being one of my favourite topics I'm ready to catch up with it efficiently, overall I have been doing some developments of the characters already sketched out. having roughly the body shapes, sorted, i decided to get on with the face and apply what we learnt in the character design workshops to refine my characters.

So here is the face development for each of the characters:
Alongside the sketches are my thoughts at the time of what i could improve in each design, so it helps understand some design choices.

John "Rusty"- Hero

Captain Hidalgo "Bolt"- Villain

"Metal Jaw" Gertie - Sidekick (Henchman)

Now applying the same knowledge learnt over the workshop sessions, i'm ready to develop the body shapes the props and silhouettes of my characters. Having the profile sheet of the character sorted, it helps me understand clearly my characters.

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