Thursday, 25 November 2010

Unit 2.02- Character Design: Poses and Silhouettes

After coming up with all the construction of my character, and after creating some rough poses, i felt I was ready to create the final poses, the ones that will be featured in the character design bible front page.
So I explore some poses that could portray the character's personality.

John "Rusty" Final Pose

Captain Hidalgo "Bolt" Final Pose

 "Metal Jaw" Gertie Final Pose

In order to test this poses I created some silhouettes to see if they were working. and I was quite pleased with the outcome, as some of this poses can be concrete in depicting the character's personality.

Finally I was also happy with the pirate feel they also have, so do the speak we have in left to right order, the arrogant Pirate Captain , the bulky yet silly bodyguard and the adventurous and rebellious Hero.

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Jose Abascal said...

great, excelente !!!!
do you have more pirate stuff?

i'm creating a real board + pc interface game
and one of the four races is pirate
i'll pick some ideas from the silhouete

great job
Saludos desde Chile
José Abascal