Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Unit 2.02- Character Design Workshop Week 8

This week's character Design workshop was really interesting, as we were set up an assignment in the beginning of the lesson and as a studio, formed by a group of 3, we were asked to produce 6 characters for a new line of new retro-style toys called Jetpack Jones. My group was formed by Leo, Godwin and I, and each worked together to produce the 6 characters. The first task was to divide the characters,  2 for each one of us, I chose Tessa Brainstorm and Grok. So from that moment, I started to research characteristic that could be added to the character, alongside with the details already given.

Tessa Brainstorm- Tom Boy Mechanic, short hair, masculine posture, uses overalls, doesn't really worries about beauty, and she likes the main character Jetpack Jones.

Grok- Experiment from the villain Dr. Kromozone, a hulking experiment, 7 or more ft, armor plated, cold reptilian instinct of a predator and a savage dinosaur-like species.

So here are the 2 designs I came up with:

Also we were asked to produce a scale difference page,which I dont have with me, but Leo published on his blog

After coming up with the 6 final designs we were to present our designs to Justin Wyatt, the producer for his approval.

Overall, I really good exercise where we proved what we have learned in the past 7 weeks, from body shapes to fully resolved characters which will work in silhouette. 

Finally, It is important to mention that we had 2h and a half to produce the designs and to present them.


Leo said...

Hey Ruben, good job on the character designs! :)

I posted up the side-by-side scale comparison over on my blog, so you can link the image at:

Ruben Alexandre said...

thanks leo, i will do that tomorrow just came from the concert and im knackered

Ruben Alexandre said...

Done and dusted!! Hehehe