Saturday, 20 November 2010

Unit 2.02- Character Design- Prop Displacement Sheets

Firstly, I would like to say that i have not been posting much lately, as I'm quite busy trying to finish the Character Design Project. however< a few post will come in chunks... so keep tuned. 

Enough excuses and let's get down to the point, I have been working on my character design project, and decided to dress my previous characters.  

So before I get focused on detailing all the props I did, what I like to call a "Prop Displacement Sheet", where through A lot of brainstorming I decided which gadgets each of the characters will have, as well as weapons or other accessories.

It is important to note that this is not the definite Sheet, and many thing will change along the way. 

John"Rusty" ( Hero)- Prop Displacement Sheet

For the hero I decided to add the things mentioned on the. Also I tried to design weapons for him, however being the good guy and the hero for all the kids and to not promote violence, my design for the weapons change slightly, so I added some more rounded shapes, a smaller scale, to blend with the hero shape and not stand out the most.

Captain Hidalgo "Bolt" (Villain)- Prop Displacement Sheet

For the villain I also followed my previous descriptions of him on the  Character Profile Sheets, and the clothing, accessories and weapons influence maps. So Captain Hidalgo "Bolt" will have some of the props seen in real pirate Captains, but they will be slightly old, he will have gadgets incorporated in his body, such as the hook. But also the old look will help the silhouette to look sharper. 

"Metal Jaw" Gertie (Sidekick)- Prop Displacement Sheet

For the Sidekick/ Henchman, I used the same Character Profile Sheets, and the clothing, accessories and weapons influence maps, to guide me when placing the props. however many changes were taken. For my final design I have streamlined the body of the sidekick, I have changed slightly the the design of the cannon and took discarded the axe, but those modifications will be seen next time. Finally, as Justin Said, to favour the silhouette try to add some irregularity on the props so they create a more appealing design.

It is all for now, later today, i'm planning to post the updated version of these sheets. 

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