Thursday, 25 November 2010

Unit 2.02- Character Design Colour Palette Sheet

After coming up with the definite poses, I started to pain the characters, to add some more interest in them. So mainly my colour palette was based on the actual pirate colours, and engines of the 1900s, mainly steam-punk colours. Having in the beginning decided to use traditional media to paint the characters, as they give really good mark making drawings, I started to paint my sketches, but also my hands and my living room table, the good side is that it didnt reach the walls.
For someone curious I painted with Pastels, Sanguine Pencils and normal colouring pencils, as they gave me the chance to easily and traditionally create a rust effects and silky fabrics.
And it turned out to be a really good experience and definitely something to use in the following projects when creating textures.

P.S: note that some of the colours were tweaked in photoshop but nothing major painted.

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