Friday, 5 November 2010

Unit 2.02- Character Design: Weapons Research

Having the word Pirate as part of the type of robots and in order to refine my designs, I decided to look for some props, and what best characterizes pirates?... yes, weapons. So, I'm adding weapons to my cartoon, however no much violence will be done with them, it will be just used to complete the design and give a more "piraty" look to the characters.
Alongside the weapons, other props will be added to the characters in order to refine, such item as clothes, navigation accessories, etc. All together, will improve the idea that my robot is not just only a robot but also an outlaw, a pirate. ( I apologise already if Im stereotyping too much the word pirate, but it is only for educational purposes :) )

Here is the influence map containing the weapons, that I'm planning to use.

Villain Weapons: 

For the Villain Captain, I decided to add to his arrogant character, such weapons which in my opinion best describe that, for instance, the Cutlass, a slightly curved sword best know among pirates, an elegant weapon, but at the same time deadly. Clearly associated to the mind of the villain and arrogant and gallant character yet a mind controller. Also for the long range, I added the Triple Barrel Pistol, this weapon is an slightly alteration of the normal pirate pistol, but for the greedy captain, normal is not enough, so exuberant fits better.
Finally, being the captain the richest and well preserved robot on the ship, he will be having gadgets inserted in his body, a grappling hook will be used in the place of his hand, not only it emphasizes the Pirate captain look, but also it will be used as a powerful weapons to grapple other robots or even ships.

Hero Weapons: 

For the hero, I chose weapons which better describe the personality of him, being a agile character and sneaky, the use of a light weapon is the best choice, a dagger is a fast melee weapon, which is slick and deadly. Alongside the melee weapon, our hero will have a long range flintlock pistol, a weapon common among pirates.

Sidekick Weapons: 

For the Captain's Henchman, Being a heavy and brute built character, I decided to go for heavier weapons which characterise him. So for the long range, a cannon will be either inserted in or placed on the character. To keep the look of a strong character, I chose the boarding axe, a common axe used by pirates which will allow me to to alter if needed to better fit the character 


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