Thursday, 25 November 2010

Unit 2.02- Character Design Workshop Week 9

Here is the final week workshop for our character design project, in this workshop we were taught that the environment has a important role, when creating our characters. Although not being part of the brief, it is always good to explore, some environments.

I was given abandoned Arena, and started by sketching some quick thumbnails for it.

Although they are not many, as I was with my head somewhere else, more project related, I felt that some of this quick thumbnails that take no longer than 30 secs to a min to do, have some potential. 
Also Justin Wyatt, mentioned that to add more a feel of abandoned maybe I should had some wildlife inside, trees, etc. 

Overall a really good workshop, and I would like to thank Justin Wyatt to take the time to teach us some character design, and gives us some tips really useful that I will take aboard to be used also on the next characters.

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