Saturday, 6 November 2010

Unit 2.02- Character Design- Clothes and Accessories Influence Mapss

After yesterday refining the body shapes, I felt that was needed to research some clothes and other accessories that will decorate and yet emphasize the pirate feeling. Thus, I researched some clothes and therefore choose accordingly the character to wear them.

John "Rusty" (Hero) Clothes

For the hero, to better depict his personality and style, I decided to go for a quite young pirate look, with a rebel bandana, a sash belt, a waist coat, etc. This clothes despite being slightly ripped, they will dress the character to portray is adventurous and rebellious personality.

Captain Hidalgo "Bolt" (Villain) Clothes

For the villain, being a arrogant and greedy character, I wanted to give much better clothes as well as gadgets, by also being a Captain, certain clothes were needed to clearly define him. Such as the Captain's Hat, the Captain Long Coat or the Boots.
For the gadgets, which will be inserted in his body, he will have a pirate's telescope and a compass, not only to lead the way but also to show power. 
A more expensive look of the clothes is what i'm trying to achieve and this will distinguish the Captain from the other robots.

"Metal Jaw" Gertie ( Sidekick) Clothes

For the sidekick, I decided to not clutter him, being the henchman for the Captain, and being the strength in command, He will have ordinary yet oversized pirate clothes, and what will distinguish him from the other robots are the weapons we will carry.
For him, I choose a leather belt which will be in is waist and around his torso, to carry the 2 axes. and some stronger boots.

Now that I know what which character will be wearing I can start to add the same props to the basic body shapes and decorate them.

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