Thursday, 25 November 2010

Unit 2.02- Character Design: Cover Page Layout and Final Design Bible Front Cover

When getting most of the things done, and ready to put in the design bible, I decided to create the front cover of the Design Bible. Firstly, I had to pose the characters together to and try to merge them in to something interesting. So I placed in this way:

I chose this pose because clearly you can see a clash between characters, and it being decimated by the Giant robot in the middle. In a manner of arrogance and despair Captain Hidalgo "Bolt" looks away, while "Metal Jaw" Gertie is there to defend him. on the opposite side is John "Rusty", in a pose as it is venturing and challenging the Captain. 

With this little story told, I decided to professionally present my work by creating a layout for my design bible, using the pirate's theme as main influence.

Later today, I will posting a page-by-page of the design bible, firstly let's present it.


JOLANTA said...

This is looking rich!

Ruben Alexandre said...

thanks JJ, your characters were looking amazing also, especially the Villain with his strong features.