Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Christmas is here ! Necronomicon by H P Lovecraft

I have received my first Christmas present this year, and guess what, I also had the chance to choose it. So I and my girlfriend Ivana went to buy my present (although it sounds selfish but I have already bought her a present) , once again, I opted for a book to add to my collection. However this time around is not related to visual arts.

The book is:

This book is nothing less than a thick fictional grimoire containing the best tales by H. P Lovecraft, one of the most inspiring horror writers of all times. As I said to you it is a present for Christmas so I still have to wait another week to begin to taste the weirdest tales by him ... ( I may find something interesting for transcription project).

Or shall I say that Christmas came early....


Lev said...

Look pretty interesting. Let us now how it goes :)

ivanka k said...

Christmas came early... Yes, I didn't even get the chance to wrap the book! ;)

Ruben Alexandre said...

@Ivanka k

I know it is to be used now !!!

I will post something about the stories I will be reading..