Sunday, 19 December 2010

Maya Tutorials: Character Pipeline Rigging

After getting an insight about how to skin a character, and getting some experience by skinning already two characters of our narrative project, ' The Day of the Invisible Cannibals from Beyond the Stars"( as a matter of fact do not forget to check our progress on B3D Studios blog!). I continued the character pipeline Maya tutorial, in this time around rigging was the next task.
Rigging is a really important process, where you need to create controls for the body in order to facilitate animation process of the character. Also it is crucial if you want to pose your character. 

In this tutorial, we experiment a type of rigging different than I have done last year, I won't get into too much detail otherwise it may seem that i'm speaking Chinese. Put things straight it is two types of rigging, FK and IK, and in a character you can accommodate the one you prefer, as well choose what rig you want for each part of the body according to what the character will do. 
To facilitate your choices you can also create a switch where you will be able to get the two types of rigs in the same character working at different times. A more advanced technique which we will be using in our narrative project. 

So here is the tutorial, a difficult process which sometimes may confuse. However with a really good tutorial guide by Alan, easy to understand. 

As I said, after you rig a character posing him becomes easier so what about a photo shoot pose.

' Generic character to the rescue, to Infinity and Beyond!!'

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