Monday, 20 December 2010

Unit 2.01- Maya: Assistant Skinning

Continuing on the Skinning task, the next character to be skinned was the assistant, which happens to be a character I have also modelled. Being the first female character to be skinned it was quite tricky at some points, but nothing some patience wont solve.

Assistant Head Skinning

Assistant Torso Skinning

Assistant Hand Skinning

Also according to Ethan to better pose the character, I have also added a basic binding onto the legs and shoes, just so the character will pose more convincingly even though no rig needs to be done. 

Assistant Legs Skinning (No Rig) 

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Darsy4974 said...

This is really great man, the anatomy and the movements are perfect, you've really learned a lot throughout these years, damn! I'm really impressed! Keep on the greatness man!