Thursday, 30 December 2010

INSiDE, 2002, Trevor Sands

INSiDE is a 2002 short animation directed by Trevor Sands, It has as subject a patient with multiple personality disorder, before evaluation is still fighting his demons, or better put his other personalities. The actor Jeremy Sisto ( know as Billy in Six Feet Under) is the 'host' of all this numerous personalities, that are  amazingly realised. Such opposite personalities co-exist inside the patient's head, though in order to pass the evaluation, they have to be extinguished. In this instance, another personality, a doctor helps him to extinguish the all other personalities and she takes over the body.

A really interesting short film associated with a subject that is presently visible more and more in mental institutions, The concept used to portray the numerous personality is genius, and how these personalities are stereotyped is one of the big achievements here, also the twist in the end is really unexpected.
This short film is a great example for any character designer and animator out there, to understand how to possibly design and animate differently with each character.

Hope you like it!

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