Sunday, 19 December 2010

Simon's Cat in 'Santa Claws'

To start this festive period I decided to post an animation from Simon Tofield. Simon Tofield is a British Animator, who does the Simon's Cat 2D short Animations that can be found on his Youtube Channel.
I firstly found these series while browsing Youtube for something else. However, I was drawn to them, because the 2D animation it is so effective, it seems so real and often I find me and my girlfriend associating the movements of the cartoon to of a real cat and laughing, because they are depicted perfectly. The series are based on the life of a Cat ( Simon's Cat) and his owner ( supposedly Simon), the short animations takes into the funny adventures of the cat who seems to have always strong appetite.

So once again to mark the commence of the Christmas Period here is the Christmas Special 'Santa Claws'.

Hope you like it ! and a Merry Christmas!!

Simon's Cat Website:
Simon's Cat Youtube Channel

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