Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Maya Tutorials: Character Pipeline Skinning

Before I start to skin my own characters, I decided to understand better skinning so I did the skinning tutorial, after a few hours taken on the arm, the rest of the body was pretty simple. 
As I found, skinning is a pretty straight forward process, the only thing needed is logic, in where you are going to put the weights. 

So here is the tutorial, and now Im ready to apply on my characters ( precisely 4).

Skinned Joints

Front View

Back View

Alongside these pictures I have also took some playblasts of the process.


Face and Arms

Now skinning makes a little more sense, so Im ready to apply what I learnt on the other characters, however I will create a more believable skinning with muscles on the arms and such (rewinding to the 1st year tutorial.)

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