Thursday, 30 December 2010

Coyote Falls, 2010, Matthew O' Callaghan

As I want to start post more curiosities, I found this one while browsing the Internet, a really fascinating animation which will be familiar to most of you even though it does come in a new format. Coyote Falls is a short animation by Warner Bros.with collaboration of Reel FX, it is based on the cartoons Road Runner, where Coyote tried forever to get Road Runner.As I mentioned this new short animations come in a new CGI look animation, rendering our beloved cartoon characters to 3D.

What I found most interesting was the way the animation only barely derives from the original Chuck Jones' ones, where the law of physics is broken for pure entertainment, this is still well captured in the new CG Version, which makes this animation in my opinion a big achievement.

Hope you enjoy it, and hopefully it brings some nostalgic memories in 3D ! 

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