Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Welcome Back to the Blogosphere !!

After a few days sorting out my new ident and new blog template, it is finally done. So I can the blog it is once again a place to share my thoughts and work, but this time improved.

A few changes were done:

Template- the older template was a dark and minimalist black and white, which after sometime I found it quite depressing and empty, taking in consideration the minimalist approach, I aimed for a use of a certain number of colours, being all of them warmer therefore friendlier. I also added some other interesting features, such as the Galleries in different exterior websites, or the inspirational blogs one, where I share some of the most inspiring artists I follow.

Ident- this ident is shown on the banner of the blog, where the old one was a supposed logo of RM Design (an ident I have previously created for my work), I felt it was professional however too serious), for the new I had a completely different approach. Over the last few weeks, I have thinking what area I should follow in CG Arts and Animation, and after a lot of though, I decided that character design and their animation is definitely what I'd love to do. So the banner, and ident is a once again a more friendly approach to my blog.not only by adding some of my creations to it but also by using a slightly more appealing font. Finally the last addition to the banner was the specification of the area I want to follow, in this case, Character Artist and Animator.

Posting- Over the last few months I have found that posting on this blog has been decreasing, and only the posts added are university and project related, however to create a more interesting blog, that will appeal any reader, I will add curiosities that I will find over internet browsing.

So here are the main changes on the new blog, where a more friendly, specific, minimalist yet professional approach was taken to shape this new ident.

Hope you enjoy and keep tuned!

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