Monday, 18 April 2011

Animation is Inspiration: 3 Little Pigs / Pigs in Polka

After a last week when i was trying to get on with the tutorials as well as the essay, I'm happy to present the new feature on this blog. I will often post animation videos which inspire me and will help me understand better animation as well as acting and story-telling. 
 So the feature on this blog will be labelled as an "Animation is Inspiration" post and it will be illustrated with the picture above. 

These new feature, will have videos from all mediums of animation, 2D, 3D, Claymation, etc. As well as, good acting videos, slapstick acting or simple animations with a good story-telling. 
Alongside, the video it will be a section 'Why I chose it?', just for explanation as well as self-reference. 

So to start with this I have a double dose. Two animations adapted from the same original story, though with two completely different approaches. 

3 Little Pigs - Silly Symphonies - Walt Disney

Why I chose it? 
 3 Little Pigs is a 1933 2D animation by the Walt Disney Studios and the predecessor of the 1st feature length 2D Animation, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. When these short animation, Silly Symphonies, were being produced animators were always pushing animation further to achieve what it is called the Illusion of Life. This period was crucial to establish the principles of animation, which later were adapted and improved.  3 Little Pigs was itself a groundbreaking experiment because it was the first 2D animation, in which characters assumed personalities and instead of being just animated, they were acting. 

Pigs in Polka- Looney Tunes - Warner Bros.

Why I chose it? 
With only 10 years apart, Pigs in Polka a 1943 2D animation by Warner Bros. was already a big improvement in animation. As you can see the animation was looking more fluid and it was good timing, weight, etc. Which enabled the animators at the Warner Bros. studio to push their animation techniques further. Warner Bros. was always known for they snappy, violent yet funny animations. And Pigs in Polka is exactly that, an exaggeration of reality and comedy with influences on slapstick animation. One of its high points is the score played all through the animation. And where the actions of the characters are carefully synchronised with the music and its variations. Is in cases like this, that an Exposure Sheet (x-Sheet) comes in really handy.  

In my opinion, I prefer the Looney Tunes version better, because of its snappy and incredibly funny animation, I do also like how in Warner Bros. animation, the political correctness is taken to the extreme. And it also just provokes really great gags that are never dated. On the other hand, 3 Little Pigs despite having some gags throughout the animation, it assumes a moral aspect. 

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