Monday, 11 April 2011

Maya Tutorials: Rendering with Mental Ray Week*2

On this week, we were introduced to really interesting features in mental ray, that will help get the render desired. Motion Blur was the first that was shown to us, and despite the horrific render times the effects your are able to get with Motion Blur are unique, it is truly useful for motion characters or props, to give that extra hint of dynamism, instead of looking like a still object moving around.

Motion Blur
2D Motion Blur 

Final Motion Blur Shot

2D Motion Blur Progress

3D Motion Blur 

Final 3D Motion Blur Shot

3D Motion Blur Progress

Non- Deformations Motion Blur

Final Non- Deformed Motion Blur 

Non-Deformed Motion Blur Progress

Motion Blur Using Rasterizer

Lastly, but no less important, this tutorial, helped understand how to possibly reduce the render time, When using motion blur the objects will be moving at a certain, therefore a lot of detail doesn't need to exist. So by using the rasterizer option, instead of the Scanline, the render looks still similar but the render time was reduced by half a minute.

 Final Motion Blur Rasterizer Shot

Motion Blur with Rasterizer Progress

The second part of the  mental ray tutorials this week was helping to understand depth of field, this is extremely useful, as it focus on certain things that could be missed at first. 

Depth of Field

Depth of Field Progress Shots

Lens Bokeh Effect

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