Monday, 11 April 2011

Maya Tutorials: Rendering with Mental Ray Week*4

Here is lasts week  Mental Ray tutorials, although some are not complete I will get on with them as soon as possible. Last week, we were introduced to Caustics, in order to create more realistic renders. Also to use Mia Materials ( mental ray) specific materials and to how to use physical sun to create atmosphere and the lighting in your scene.

Default 1st render

Scene with Final Gather and Global Illumination

 Final render w/ Caustics

Mia Materials 

Here is a representation of the Mia Materials presets assembled to different spheres, the level of realism is outstanding, definitely the way forward if you need to create hyper-realistic scenarios.

Physical Sun and Sky

 Initial Render- Default

 Scene with Wrong Horizon Line

 Horizon Line Tweaked
Default Sun 
 Scaled Sun
 Haze options
Blue to Red Attribute
Saturation Option

Default Shadow                             Shadow Softness

Final Render Sample 64

To be Continued...

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