Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Work Placement: Beyond Transcription

A few weeks back, I was happy to know that I would have work placement in a company. Picasso Pictures, is the place in which I will spend around 2 weeks absorbing what the industry is all about. Being a unit for university, apart from the work experience I will get, I was also asked to write about the company I will be working with, and if possible show any work that I am going to to there.

This unit supposed to be a 5 weeks unit, but because I am having 2 weeks of work placement, I will need to produce something more. It was said that I could either finish the my transcription animation or do the models and metaphors project ( a competition project).

After pondering about it, I decided for a third option. I spoke to Phil and he gave me green light for this choice. For the next couple of weeks I will be doing the work placement unit, as well as modelling the Characters from the Character Design Project ( if you remember the Robots shown on the blog banner).

I have also found that I have to learn a lot about animation, so I will be intensively teaching myself, the art of animate, firstly I will accurately understand the principles and then apply them to the 3D world.
This blog will be more active than ever,  From either my experiences at Picasso Pictures, any development about the characters or animation exercises. Finally, as part of my understanding for animation I will be posting excerpts of good animations and films.

Here I leave you with one of the most amazing sequences, in my opinion , done in 2D Animation. It was part of my childhood, when feeding my head in Disney Films.

Pocahontas- Colours of the Wind

Why I chose this? 
Firslty, I have to give credit to the animator, Glen Keane a master of 2d Animation, animated this sequence.  What stroke me the most is how expressive the animation is, and how every element animate the sequence works. It is visible 2 styles of animation, it is either characters moving or morphing animation.  The animation has weight and timing. All this beautiful work is aided by the expressive colours.

Hope you like it.


tutorphil said...

you big softie!

I saw this, thought of you:


might be useful?

And if we're getting nostalgic and admitting to some Disney schmaltz... for me, I loved this


(personally i think it resonates as a song about being gay - Roland Barthes would no doubt be proud of that appropriation! :D)

Ruben Martins said...

Hi Phil,

thanks for the Link, I will dig into it.

I will put some animations but not just Disney, meantime, I love Hunchback!! , I really likehow colourful the Gipsy part of the film is in contrast with the dark inside of the cathedral.

I can see the association in the music.