Monday, 25 April 2011

Animation is Inspiration: A friend Like Me Genie from Alladin

With my last post, on Animation is Inspiration I mentioned 3D Animation, this time lets get back into the traditional 2D Medium, a see how an animation can be pull almost to the extreme of Imagination. The scene is Friend Like Me, from the film Aladdin by Disney.

Genie " Friend Like Me" - Aladdin- Disney

Why I chose it?

The Genie character in the film Aladdin is by itself a great sidekick character which allows a lot of animation, being a non-human character it assumes non- realistic animation, and therefore it shapes its own personality. Indeed, the animation in the genie sets a new boundary of the squash and stretch principle, as well as it not only focus on character animation but also morphing. the character itself is a crazy, happy genie who is there to serve his master however is also a funny sidekick, therefore the main character for gags. Out of curiosity, the animator responsible for the Genie, and who animated specifically this scene is the great Eric Goldberg, his experience is almost infinite, He worked for adverts in London, under the direction of Richard Williams. as well as many other animation films, Who framed Roger Rabbit?, Fantasia 2000 to name some but also directed Pocahontas. Apart from his experience, he is one of the most passionate people about animation, and seems like a great person. For insightful tips and funny stories about animation, check his podcast on Animation Podcast. You won't regret it. 

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