Saturday, 23 April 2011

Animation is Inspiration: Scrat Animation from Ice Age

This Animation is Inspiration post, will talk about Scrat, a cute, funny little character from the film Ice Age. focusing on its type of animation.

Why I chose it? 

The design of the character itself it's great, identifying the character as a cute neurotic small animal who is crazy about acorns. With such a convincing character, the animation had to be also evoking the same. As you can see the animation in scrat is really jumpy, fast, and snappy. when the pose to pose jumps so quickly that your not there to see the inbetweens. this is great to evoke stress. being a really quickly and small character it does not have much weight, therefore it also allows more freedom to play around in the animation. The animator for Scrat was Aaron Hartline, A great animator which is currently is animating at PIXAR, you may know its work, from Up! or the tortilla scene in Toy Story 3( another big challenge).

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