Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Animation is Inspiration: Prince of Egypt, Dreamworks

Continuing the Animation is Inspiration thread, today I present a slightly recent 2D animation. Recently I have re-watched Prince of Egypt, a 1998 2D animation by Dreamworks studio. To me is one of the best animations alongside Iron Giant and Kung Fu Panda released by Dreamworks. It is the adaptation of the biblical story of two brothers, Moses and Rameses, that destiny will turn them enemies. Without further ado, here is the trailer as well as a sequence that to me standout the most.

Trailer- Prince of Egypt

All I ever wanted- Prince of Egypt- DreamWorks

Why I chose it? 
In this particular scene, Moses finds who he really is. I chose it because the different approaches to traditional and CG animation present. From cinematic viewpoints at the beginning, to a rather unusual use of 3D to convey a 2D surface. I do think the cinematic approach worked throughout the whole film, specially in Exodus scene, where a huge crowd was following Moses' path. The last scene, is something unusual seen in 2D Animation though, In my opinion it worked really well, and if the hieroglyphs tells  you a story with each image, this was a good approach to convey the same effect. Interesting enough, though the unusual approach, the story was delivered perfectly and its purpose to convey a dream was great. 

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