Monday, 11 April 2011

Maya Tutorials: Rendering with Mental Ray Week*1

This week we were introduced properly to Mental Ray, this far most of the things rendered came out of the Maya software render.
Mental Ray works differently, and with better results.
here we were introduced to the shadow corrections and optimisation, which allows to test your scenes so they can possibly render faster.

Mental Ray Shadows


Maya Software

Switching to Mental Ray

Shadow Softness Default

Shadow Softness 15

Mental Ray Optimisation
This tutorial to me was really problematic, first I had to reconnect all the textures from the source images. And then after exhaustively trying to find the Output menu on my mac, I wasnt able to. However, I was able to get the console giving me the information about the render but not the useful one.  So I wrote the process of my renders.

Final- Mental Ray Samples 1

 Mental Ray Samples 2

BSP Depth Diagnose

Render 1
BSP 10
BSP Depth 40

Render 2
BSP Size 10
BSP Depth 50

Render 3
BSP Size 10
BSP Depth 45

Render 4
BSP Size 10
BSP Depth 48

Render 5
BSP Size 10
BSP Depth 60

Render 4
Sampling 1
BSP Size 10
BSP Depth 48

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