Saturday, 16 April 2011

Work Placement: What is the Situation?

Last week, I received the Email from Inga Johnson , a Producer at Picasso Pictures and who will be working with me in about 2 weeks time. I promptly sent an email to her, just to ask how was the situation. So within bringing cookies and boiling kettles, I know now when to start. So my Work Placement starts at 10 am on the 3rd of May, at Picasso Pictures.
On that day, I will be introduced to the team and a tour around the place and then hopefully will be able to be slotted in according to Inga Johnson.
Meanwhile, to fulfil the brief we need to write about the history of the company we will be working with,  when I asked Inga, she said that she will introduce the executives, Richard Price and Jane Bolton, and then i can ask all the questions.
 Everything is set to start my work placement on the 3rd, one last thing I can't forget is to bring the cookies!!

A bit off topic,  I really wanted to put my work out there a bit more and although the blog is a good tool, it is difficult to harvest new followers, and special people working in the industry. So I'm proud to present that Ruben Martins is now on Polycount, a CG community forum in where students and professionals share their work, give feedback and all that useful stuff.

So follow me on Polycount, my username is eCzety ( it was a games  nickname and don't ask me why I chose it)

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