Monday, 13 February 2012

Major Project: Animation Style- Transitions

As I am planning to show my animation, I will have to add transitions to when the character is in the real world or doing an action to the next. For this matter, I want to use smooth transitions, just so the audience will be taken from one scene to the next, to one action to the next, without losing the flow of animation. This method of animation and more precisely editing, will allow me to shorten the way I want to portray the action of the animation.

To better understand this method, I looked at Bill Plympton's work.

In terms of animation style, his animations are unique, firstly because of the visuals, which are very beautifully crafted, second because of his distinctive animation style. In terms of animation, by drawing less drawings per second, his animations are often jerky, however this style is contemplated by the use of crafted and detailed drawings.
For this research I have looked at some of his early works. such as 25 Ways to Quit Smoking and How to Kiss.

I have also looked into his 1992 feature film, The Tune.

My observations:

- Exaggeration in the animation.
- Squash and stretch character action.
- Animating to an extreme, impossible movements etc.

- Transitions via morphing.
- Scene transitions based on the form of objects. e.g: an object in that scene will have the same shape that other on the next scene,
-Smooth transitions
- Scene transition to abstraction, close-up's or abstract elements.
-Music leads the character actions, animation and transitions.

With understanding Bill Plympton's animation, I have learnt that in my own short animation, I want to smooth transitions between scenes, employing the same or similar methods perceived in his works. Although, 2D animation can be more organic than 3D, I found a great example of smooth transitions in the latter.

Supinfocom School- Love Recipe

These smooth transitions help the narrative of the story evolve faster and in a flowing way.


tutorphil said...

Hey Rubes - great to see you gathering all your references together in preparation for the 'big push'. I'm very excited by the prospect of you working in this particular animation - I think it's perfect for you :D

Ruben Martins said...

Indeed phil, Im getting all excited, I have began design stage.