Sunday, 5 February 2012

Major Project- Initial Adaptation

Earlier this week, I have posted a few audio samples that I could use to do an adaptation. So I have listen to them carefully and decided to focus on one in particular.

                                 Paul Mottram- Capriccio5

With the choice done, I began to gather a few ideas giving my own interpretation of the sound. The audio sample to me evokes a lot of actions, but also a sense of competition between 2 characters. which ends in a tragically funny way. One of the animations who comes to my mind is the One Man Band - produced by Pixar.

This song is licensed by audionetwork however, by paying a minimal sum of money, I am able to get a license to use in educational purposes and festivals.

I was able to gather 2 ideas that give my initial interpretation of the music sample.

Based on the:

Paul Mottram- Capriccio 5

1st idea

Main Characters:
2 Patisseries ( 1 French and 1 Italian).

Secondary Character:
The Shortest Prince

The Royal Kitchen- French Royalty

1800s to 1850s (Monarchy)

Length of the Animation
 1 min to 1.10min.

Actions on the riffs: 
making the batter, cooking the cake, decorating the cake, etc.... (specific ideas to have).

It is a royal moment, it is a royal wedding!! the prince is getting married and he is deciding on his wedding cake, therefore he decides to hire two patisseries to make the tallest wedding cake. The two patisseries, 1 French and 1 Italian, are well known for their set of skills and their quality of work. However they also know each other and have been in many rivalries in the past to gain recognition.
In order to impress the prince the 2 patisseries commence to make the cakes to impress the prince, although their dispute begins amiable, as the song gets tenser their competition gets stronger.. As the cake gets taller their dispute gets very intense in the end as the song finishes the cake falls on the top of the prince.(off camera) After credits shot is the prince covered in cream and chocolate and on the side is a tall destroyed cake in the shape of his princess.

Animation Formula:

  1. Present the Problem (Competition)
  2. The dispute starts
  3. Tension grows between the 2 characters as they attempt to get attention from the prince.
  4. The tension of the competition is high.
  5. Boiling Point
  6. Funny Gag
  7. End
  8. After Credits Gag.

2nd Idea

Main characters:
2 Mime Artists

Street Theatre in France

Beginning of the 20th century

Length of the Animation
1 min to 1.10min.

Actions on the riffs:
 2 Characters begin to lose character they use instruments to attack each other.

A Street Theatre open in the heart of Paris, a new mime artist is the main attraction, however the other mime left out the spectacle attempts to regain is position by sabotaging the new mime's performance. The 2 mimes enter in a dispute to gain the attention of the crowd. They compete on stage via pantomime in their character. Music evokes dispute and tension builds, 2 mime artist begin to lose character and use instruments instead of pretending using them. With the boiling point approaching the 2 characters destroy the theatre set. In the end the curtain falls on them.

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