Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Major Project: Olivier, the Patissier, Colour Experimentation

With the final design of the character done, I will be moving onto creating model sheets to help me translate the character from 2D to 3D, such as turnarounds and expressions sheets. However before that, I have decided to begin experimenting with colour, which then will help me create the final posed version of the character fully digitally painted.

With these 3 colour variations, I have like a few colours used in each of them. Firstly the uniform, I opted for a fully clean white, the trousers will be chequered and a red scarf. In terms of character complexion, I have opted for a brighter whitish one, and a slightly darker nose (which reminds of Disney). The facial hair, will be a lighter hazelnut colour like variation 1, finally for the eyes, I have chosen blueish.

 Therefore the final colour choice looks like : 


tutorphil said...

evening rubes - working very hard I see :) I keep changing my mind, but I think I prefer the version with the dark complexion - he looks slightly unwell in the 'final colour choice'...

Ruben Martins said...

Are you looking at it from a mac? phil. because as i see it now from a mac the colour varies a lot from a pc, i will look into it. I will also base the choice on the mac colour screen.