Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Major Project- Research: Animation Style I

The music in this animation plays an important role to understand how I am supposed to animate the character. As I kept listening the audio sample, I kept thinking of bouncing, bouncing and bouncing. therefore what better animation style to use than the unique and pioneering rubber hose animation style.
The audio evokes a lot of bouncing, of movement of actions being done constantly, likely this type of animation. So, I decided to look into Rubber Hose Animation Style and understand how it may work. 

Rubber Hose Animation Style was one of the pioneering animation style to be standardised in American animation Industry around the 1920's. The Style is best know for having characters, who don't possess hinged limbs, instead the arms and legs consist in simple flowing curves. Therefore the definition of rubber hose limbs animation. Alongside featuring rubber hose limbs, this style of animation, also used a lot of bouncing, repetition of animation and boils. Although the 12 principals of animation were not introduced at this time, it is visible a use of exaggeration, squash and stretch and dragging and overlapping. 

These are the principals I want to apply to my animation just so it relates with the beat of the music. 

To better understand this style of animation I looked at a few examples, and added a few comments I found according to the animation: 

Felix the Cat by Pat Sullivan

Flip the Frog by Ub Iwerks

Mickey Mouse by Ub Iwerks

Looney Toons/ Merrie Melodies by Warner Bros. 

My Observations:

- Use of Rubber Hose Animation.
- Music Directs the Animation.
- Every Element is animated even the backgrounds.
- Very Bouncy Animation, with exaggerated actions ( Squash and Stretch). 
- Animation Synchronises or Overlaps.
- Animation Repetition.
- Character morphing into various shapes.

Silly Symphonies by Walt Disney

While the other short animations had previous mentioned aspects in common. this latest one, actually shows what i want to achieve with my animation, a mixture between rubber hose limbs and articulated limbs animation. This will allow me to have total control of the character but also, have him adapt to various situations.

Alongside, rubber hose animation style I want also to look into animation transitions, and maybe morphing. Therefore I will be adding more research onto this topic.

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