Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Major Project: Olivier, the Patissier, Character Face Development

Having a clear idea how I want to the character, and being exploring various possibilities for his design, I have began to narrow down my choices and develop them into final designs. From the previous studies, I have chosen one with pear shape head, therefore I decided to take it further and explore a few more variations on the head shape. 

After developing the head shape, I found the final head design. however some of the assets needed some developing, therefore I created a few variations for facial hair and the hats on the character. 

Exploring with these variations was crucial to arrive to a final design for the character, by choosing facial hair number 3 and hat number 5. The final head design was done. 

Next, I will be exploring the body and how it relates to the head. Stay Tuned !

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