Friday, 3 February 2012

Major Project- Initial Audio Ideas I

In order to begin this project, some sort of research on the audio I want to use needs to be done. Having chosen to use an audio as the foundation of the animation and then build my character and acting from it, I decided to look at different types of audio, such as film scenes, speeches or audio samples.

So here is a list of the ones I found more appropriate to work with.


Movie Scenes

Frankenstein- It's Alive Scene.

On the Waterfront- Marlon Brando-  I Coulda Been a Contender Scene

Taken - Liam Nesson-  Phone Scene

Via: Youtube

Audio Samples

Thus far, I have 9 choices to work from, therefore the next step is to narrow my choices and focus on getting an idea for at least three audio. This will allow me to focus and better choose something. 

At such early stage of the project, I will also look at other forms of outcome for this project. 

So keep tuned!! 


tutorphil said...

Hey Rubes,

You know, I really like the musical samples - because they just keep everything very open for you. My fave was the Paul Mottram one - because it's got drive and comedy and it's a lovely rounded minute, with a nice ending. Of course, the problem with this is that it doesn't have any discernible context for the design of your character - or anything else - but that's okay, I think. What this is beginning to feel like is choreography - absolutely synching action with music and picking up on all the rhythms of the piece. What's nice about capriccio is that it means a 'prank' or a 'caper' - so it has that lightness of touch and mischief; it sounds busy; for me, I kept seeing a big grasshopper when I was listening to it, but it also has a lovely gypsy-quality and romance. It also feels to me, like a single performance - a single character; even as I write this, I'm seeing a magician character, pulling scarves out of his sleeves, and doves and rabbits - like the music itself is some clever, close-up card-trick.

Also - (just listened to it again) - it has a quality of perpetual motion - with those intro piano notes like very quick footsteps - so this also feels like an animated character that does something on the move - almost while walking at the same speed throughout.

Anyway - this may not be helping, but that music is just begging for an accompanying animation. I assume the music is copyright free?

Ruben Martins said...

Hi phil, just now im about to post 2 ideas about that song, indeed that was my choice, and the mood and length are perfect.

I will post my 2 ideas which feature more than 1 character but we can discuss some more ideas tomorrow.

the music is from audio network, which has a license however for educational purposes and festivals i just need to pay 1 pound to have a license and i can use it.