Saturday, 11 February 2012

Major Project- Research: Animation Style II

As I begin to understand my animation, I continued to research animations styles which I want to use reference when animating my short. This time around I have looked at principally 2 animations, one is the classic Beautifully crafter Disney animation, Fantasia, and secondly, a particular scene in the modern Disney Film Beauty and The Beast.

Fantasia- Nutcracker Suite


In these two scenes of Fantasia, It is visible a few things I want to incorporate in my short animation. 

My Observations: 

- A very bouncing animation, similar to rubber hose animation. It is visible a lot of squash and stretch, overlapping and dragging. 
- Music is used to direct the character actions. 
- It features one of the most wonderful spectacles in animation history. Use of a variety of colours and effects. 
- Flowing animation. 
- Animation repetition, it is visible that often the animation sequence is the same, but boiled. 
- Smooth transitions between sequences, As if they belonged to a longer sequence that interlace in a beautiful way. 

The other animation I would like to show, is for similar reasons. Although it is a huge year gap between the two animations, it is perceived that they share the same elements. 

Beauty and the Beast - Be Our Guest

This is a great example and huge reference source to my short animation, because it demonstrates a simple task, such as serving a guest, but it turns it in one of the most exuberant and spectacular show to impress. One of the key elements is that uses also kitchen utensils and ingredients which are animated and have a live of their own, this is crucial to understand as I may want to breathe life to some of my inanimate objects. 

As I am at the end of my initial research for the project and the designing stage is following, a few more posts will surface here about animation style and sequence transitions.

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